Note: System will automatically pick random questions from a pool of questions.

  1. Go to Content ~> Manage Test Paper ~> Manage Generator
  2. Click on "Test Paper Generator" button.
  3. Enter name of test paper and select different settings as per requirement.
  4. Click on "Next" button.
  5. On the next screen you'll see Question Rules tab, click on add button.
  6. Select the tags of the question that you have to pick questions of. (You'll have to assign tags to different questions when you upload questions, also these tags should be added in the system in Admin Settings > Tags).
  7. Select Marks for each question.
  8. In the "Questions" text box enter the number of questions that you want to pick from the pool , total number of questions for a tag are displayed on the right under "Questions".
  9. Check the Random options check box if you want the options of a question to be randomized also.
  10. You can add questions by creating different rules for different tags.
  11. After you add required number of questions, click on submit button.