For the batches there are couple of reports that are available:

Go to Analytics ~> Generate Report ~> Downloads

On this screen you can select the report to download:

Click on "Report type" drop-down to download the required report.

The different reports available for batches are :

  1. Batch details report - this report will show the data for all the batches (like location , start date, end date etc) and also the list of users enrolled in those batches.
  2. Batch Attendance Details -  This report will show the attendance details of the batch. Select the date range by clicking on custom and then selecting start and end date (Note- the batch start and end date should be in this range for the data to show up). Select the course and batch. Click on generate button.
  3. Assessment Progress Details - Select the course that you want to download this report for. In this report you will see list of all users who attempted the test paper/quiz, you will see all their details like marks obtained etc.